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A fully remote creative digital agency

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Team photo after Benagil boat trip
João Ribau with VR Headset

Concealed was created in João Saraiva’s living room table in 2017 with the goal of assembling a fully remote team that would live their best life while delivering their best work.

“Despite my professional skills being mainly as a developer I always had a strong passion for design and how these two areas should be combined together. Concealed was born out of that passion with the vision to work in the “shadows” and allowing the work that we do shine by itself. We love to work in different products from diverse areas: share your idea with us so that we can surprise you.”

João Saraiva Photography

João Saraiva, CEO-Founder

Core Values

The principles that guide us

Communicate with clarity

We talk, write, design and code in a clear way, so that information is always accessible.


We trust each other to manage our time and energy in a way that lets us achieve our best quality of life.


Caring for one another allows us to live less stressful, happier lives.

Continuous Improvement

We study and experiment until we find the best process and solution for each new challenge, and then we share our findings with the team so that they improve along with us.


We use our moral compass in every decision, opting to be straightforward, just and fair, and honoring our commitments every time.

High quality work

When we communicate with clarity, trust each other, are empathic with our colleagues and work together with integrity to get better everyday, the outcome is amazing.


Working together to create digital mindfulness

Concealed Team Meeting

8 people in the call

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Catarina Coimbra
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Diogo Dias
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Francisco Lopes
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Gabriel Oliveira
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Gonçalo Dias
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João Ribau
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João Saraiva
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Vitoria Peres

How we got here

Important dates

Team Retreat in Ponte de Lima 2022

2022 Retreat: Ponte de Lima

Daily pool dips, collaborative work, our annual cooking competition tradition, craft beers, the local fair at Ponte de Lima, and yet another successful horror escape room in Guimarães. This retreat was a blast!

September 2022
Team Retreat in Alvor 2021

2021 Retreat: Alvor

Our 2021 team retreat was filled with amazing views and activities. From working together to conquer an horror escape room to a having a superb boat excursion to the beatiful scenery of the Benagil caves, we had a great time together.

September 2021
Team Retreat in Vilamoura 2020

2020 Retreat: Vilamoura

We had a blast in our 2020 retreat: we tested our physiques in a mega paintball match, sped in a karting race and had an overall great time getting together for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

November 2020
Online games 2020

Remote Gatherings

Since we couldn’t get together for our quarterly dinners once the pandemic began, we came up with new remote solutions to hang out — one of them was playing some online games, like creating the best themed t-shirt design.

March 2020
Team Retreat in Sines 2019

2019 Retreat: Sines

The 2019 retreat had a new participant: João Ribau joined the team that year and spent a week in Sines with João, Francisco and Zola. The week was spent working, eating and drinking (local craft beer), in a very chill environment.

July 2019
Team Retreat in Thailand 2019

2018 Retreat: Thailand

Concealed’s first team retreat was a basic FULL MONTH trip to Thailand, where Francisco and João got to eat amazing food and know some awesome elephants. Zola sat this one out as she isn’t the biggest fan of elephants.

September 2018
Francisco joined Concealed

Francisco joins Concealed

Although João’s dog Zola was the first colleague in Concealed’s office, the team was only truly created when Francisco joined as well.

April 2018
Concealed Foundation

Concealed foundation

Concealed was created in João Saraiva’s one-bedroom apartment’s living room in Lisbon in 2017 with the goal of assembling a fully-remote digital agency.

February 2017
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