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YouShip is a technological company that connects any business with local couriers or autonomous delivery robots, creating the most efficient service for any type of delivery.




2020 — 2021


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React Gatsby


Project Goals

Following the re-design and implementation of YouShip’s Web App came the natural need to improve the brand’s Marketing Website’s design and functionality so that it also became a more modern, improved version of itself, and led to the best possible user experience.

Project Goals
Project Goals


Before & After

A polished, more luminous and visually appealing website that is easier to navigate while presenting all the necessary information.

YouShip before
YouShip after


Design Elements

Project Colors

Color Palette

YouShip already had a defined color scheme, which we maintained to respect the brand’s identity.

Project Typography


HK Grotesk is a sans serif, geometry typeface with a wide typographic family. This font fits perfectly into this project due to its geometric shapes that make the product more user-friendly while assuring a clean and formal look.

Project Icons


To accomomodate the complexity of the project, we incorporated simple icons with three additional sizes: small (16px), medium (20px), large (24px). This helped to reduce the visual complexity of the elements in smaller screens.



Once we defined the project’s design elements, we created the design system: the set of reusable components that could be assembled together like puzzle pieces to build new, consistent looking pages within the same style.


New Website


We simplified the registration process for businesses and couriers that want to be a part of YouShip.

Become partner

New Website

Our Technology

A page dedicated to showcase the special technology that drives YouShip, filled with fun animations for a more interactive experience.

Our technology

New Website

Other Pages

Every page is consistent with the defined structure and graphical elements, creating a seamless navigation experience.

Other screens


“Concealed did a superb job! I loved everything that was presented.”

Leonel Simão, Founder and CEO, YouShip

New Website


A modern, improved version of the previous marketing website, that shares information in a straightforward way without being boring — thus allowing for the best possible user experience.


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